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Life on Hold

Well, it’s Thanksgiving break now, and it turns out I’m completely swamped with homework and essays due once I get back. This added to seeing my family and making time for friends leaves little time for me to set aside for drawing this week, so I’m going to put off posting new art until next week when I get back to my college dorm!

Shouldn’t be so bad, of course I’m still going to draw in my free time and I’ll hopefully have some nice pieces to post after break, so until then, I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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I’ve been a big fan of fan art lately, and I feel like all of these little drawings of some of my favorite characters, though not perfect, have helped me get back into my usual art habits from back before high school happened, and now college.

Anyways, tonight I worked on a new Sailor Moon sketch and I must admit, I did better than I expected considering I’m terrible at anime art most of the time. I haven’t had time to finish up this drawing tonight though. Big test to study for!

Sailor Moon



Wish me luck tomorrow! I need all that I can get.

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So I suppose I should have been more productive today, with me finally having no social obligations to fulfill. However, it was just so cold in my room today, and so rainy outside that I stayed under my covers and alternated playing The Sims 3 and watching episodes of Sailor Moon.


I did manage to do a few rough sketches but nothing very finished looking, here is a sketch I started up of an image I found online that I thought would look cool a little altered. Tell me if you can figure out what it is exactly!


Like I said, it’s a very rough sketch, so good luck 🙂

Hopefully once tomorrow’s over and I finally turn in the Art research paper I’ve been working on for the greater part of tonight, I’ll be in a good drawing mood and up to finishing this sketch. Or maybe another one that I’m also working on.

We shall just have to wait and see!

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11/16 AND 11/17/2012

So it’s been a pretty hectic week, it being right before Thanksgiving break, and I’ve been running around doing chores, hanging with friends, and trying to finish up a research paper that I just really DONT want to do! But despite it all I’ve managed to doodle in my sketchbook which is beginning to look like a collection of cute cartoon-ish drawings 🙂

However, I haven’t had the time to post much so here’s yesturdays!




And here’s today’s! I’ts my new favorite just because I think it turned out so much better than I expected it would. I suppose it just took some working with to get right but it was worth it.




So that’s it for now! I’ve made a few other half done drawings on random lovely things so I think I’m going to get back to working on those for tomorrow, Goodnight!

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I’ve been meaning to draw piglet for a while now, and I’m happy with how he turned out, especially with the cute little scarf. It’s the winter season and all and I’m starting to feel very festive 🙂

I can’t seem to abandon my colored pencils, they’re quickly becoming my preferred medium but that may change as soon as I earn enough money to get some new canvas and paper to paint on! I’m itching to get back to painting and have a ton of new ideas for painting so maybe within the next few weeks I’ll be able to complete a few and post them up here!

I’m excited about art right now, but also about to pass out from exhaustion after a busy week so bye for now!



I Wish I Were A Banana



I had a friend help me think up this silly concept, and when searching I realized there aren’t to many people who have drawn the same so I gave it a shot.

Forgot to add a shadow, but seems I usually do with most of my flat plain drawings, so oh well!

I find myself getting attached to these veggie/fruit drawings, so maybe there will be more silly doodles to come 🙂



Strawberry Does A Handstand



This is sort of inspired by my Mr. Carrot Head drawing from last week sometime. I like strawberries and this one is modeled after the Tamagotchi character that looks like a strawberry!

It’s a colored pencil drawing with pen outline, 2.5 by 3.5 ACEO card 🙂