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Clover Day!! Ok. Not really. Today’s obviously Halloween, but in my protest to college parties and genuine teenage trickery (and the simple fact that I don’t have a costume) I decided St. Patrick’s Day would be more fun to orient my art around today. Yup! I kind of experimented with collage this time, inspired from […]

Where Were You When the Moon Was Full?

  It’s a very strange question to ask a person, don’t you think? Where were you when the moon was full?… Well if you were to ask me I would answer that I was looking at it of course! But then again I just have a fascination with the sky anyways so maybe I don’t […]


My Daily Doodle!! This one I did during my history class, and still managed to take awesome notes! Artist win 🙂 One thing I noticed about this piece is the way I did my initials, surprisingly. I’m starting to switch it up without noticing it. Maybe this practice is already starting to bring out my […]

Art or Not?

What do you guys think? And by guys I mean gals too! I’m writing a research essay for my art history class and would love to here about more opinions about this one piece by a very influential artist. More to come about this piece in posts yet to come!


Ok, so here’s the deal! I’ve decided it’d be a good idea to try and produce a new drawing/piece of art everyday to try and challenge myself to do more artistic things more often. So maybe that’ll be a good addition to the overall focus of my ‘Art Life Project’ 🙂 Anyways, today I kind […]


So Hi!  Anyone who may actually be reading this brand new blog, thank you. Your support or even your half-hearted skimming of these words is very much appreciated 🙂 So this blog, in a nutshell, is supposed to serve as a documentation of my artwork and the life project I’ve basically taken on to create, […]

10/28/2012 Artwork

So here are some new paintings and an ACEO card I finished up on Friday last week. They’re all for sale so click the images for the link 🙂   Witches Legs/Stockings (an 8 by 10 thin canvas painting I finished just in time for the halloween season! It’s acrylic with a finish of mod […]