10/28/2012 Artwork

So here are some new paintings and an ACEO card I finished up on Friday last week.

They’re all for sale so click the images for the link 🙂


Witches Legs/Stockings

(an 8 by 10 thin canvas painting I finished just in time for the halloween season! It’s acrylic with a finish of mod podge gloss)



Wild Horse

(a 9 by 12 thin canvas painting that I secretly had a bit of trouble with. I suppose it was the coloring because I repainted over my original design with some new proportions in a darker shade of brown and it turned into what you now see in this image! Another secret: the canvas was too big for my scanner so this picture really doesn’t do it justice. I suppose I should find a new method of picture sharing huh? Oh yah, It’s also acrylic with mod podge gloss)



Two Lovers Embrace

(a tiny ACEO card 2.5 by 3.5 inches. This one is mixed media, the media being acrylic, mod podge, and a few layers of printer paper and toilet paper. *Gasp!* did I just say toilet paper?? Yah. It’s the only collage paper I have right now but ohhh my goodness the texture turned out perfect! But I suppose I’ll let you judge that yourself, it’s visible in the image!! 🙂


2 comments on “10/28/2012 Artwork

  1. I like this piece, good texture nice composition.

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