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So Hi!  Anyone who may actually be reading this brand new blog, thank you. Your support or even your half-hearted skimming of these words is very much appreciated 🙂

So this blog, in a nutshell, is supposed to serve as a documentation of my artwork and the life project I’ve basically taken on to create, learn and have fun with what I love to do. It’s also supposed to serve as publicity though, I suppose, because I sell a lot of the art I finish that turns out decent! It helps support my meager existence as a college student with a double major. (Ha! I must be crazy you say? Well yes. Yes I am.)

Anyways, I’ll often try to update this blog with my latest artistic escapades and even list most all of the work I finish and put up for sale on ebay so that any readers who are interested can check them out! Please. Just consider it moral support or a donation to the 21st century arts! 🙂

Well, that basically sums up today. I’ll be posting some artwork I finished up and maybe I’ll try and make a new page for a gallery or something. I’m still learning how to do stuff on here so wish me luck!

~Mandalyn H.


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