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Clover Day!!

Ok. Not really. Today’s obviously Halloween, but in my protest to college parties and genuine teenage trickery (and the simple fact that I don’t have a costume) I decided St. Patrick’s Day would be more fun to orient my art around today.

Yup! I kind of experimented with collage this time, inspired from some of the work I’ve been interested in lately and truthfully, I have no idea what to think of it. But I’ll show you the main image first and explain that before I go into the collage.

This lovely before-hand clover is a colored pencil drawing surrounded with black oil pastel. I experimented with my pencils more than usual because I’ve been intrigued with the impressionist style lately as well and so I focused more on color than anything else. It turned out so vivid and pretty (in my opinion) that I was almost sad to add it to my collage!


I tore it up and tried my hardest to work with a previous background piece I had made a week or two ago. The coloring just wasn’t right though and it ended up looking muddy despite my best efforts. Oh well, better luck next time!


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