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Where Were You When the Moon Was Full?


It’s a very strange question to ask a person, don’t you think? Where were you when the moon was full?… Well if you were to ask me I would answer that I was looking at it of course! But then again I just have a fascination with the sky anyways so maybe I don’t count.

This piece (and the title to this post), by Aldwyth, attracted my attention at the Jepson the other day when my boyfriend took me on a date (cue the awes… He even dressed nicely and everything!) I ended up writing a critical analysis of this artwork for an assignment and came up with a surprising summary to the entire message, though I really can’t say I full-heartedly believe it to be true: Ones fate is not in your own control, but in the hands of others.

Now in my analysis I used a ton of support from the artwork to support this, but I wasn’t completely satisfied by what I was saying, I was just doing it to finish the paper I suppose. Come’on we’ve all been there people. I mean who really wants to sit down and write anything because we HAVE to?? Definitely not me! So Aldwyth, in my opinion, is very avant-garde. She is vague in her interviews (some pages that I posted on twitter if your curious!) about the meanings behind her artwork and each of her pieces are so large and full of content that it’s hard to tell what exactly the subject is, let alone the meaning. Talk about a piece that’s hard to analyze! Ugh, just thinking about the amount of mind blown brain cells that died of stress while I was trying to write that paper gives me chills.

So I guess what I’m getting at is, what do you think about this piece? Is it avant-garde in nature or just another run-of-the-mill collage?


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