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So I suppose I should have been more productive today, with me finally having no social obligations to fulfill. However, it was just so cold in my room today, and so rainy outside that I stayed under my covers and alternated playing The Sims 3 and watching episodes of Sailor Moon.


I did manage to do a few rough sketches but nothing very finished looking, here is a sketch I started up of an image I found online that I thought would look cool a little altered. Tell me if you can figure out what it is exactly!


Like I said, it’s a very rough sketch, so good luck 🙂

Hopefully once tomorrow’s over and I finally turn in the Art research paper I’ve been working on for the greater part of tonight, I’ll be in a good drawing mood and up to finishing this sketch. Or maybe another one that I’m also working on.

We shall just have to wait and see!


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